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Injured Monkey Has Fallen In Love With This Adorable Dog- Meet Avni And Munnu!

Meet Avni, an injured monkey that has lost her troop. She hated being in a cage but she changed her mind a little bit when Billo the cat started sitting next to her cage.

She was saved by Peepal Farm Rescue, India. Avni had a very high level of stress and everyone thought that she wouldn’t make it.

But suddenly she started feeling better while being in Billo’s company.

Monkey really loves sleeping next to cat.

Billo always visits Avni in her place.

Finally, a great news about Avni after a month. Now, she is completely healed.

Monkey loves to play around now but Bill isn’t that much into it.

Despite that, they are besties now and inseparable. Also, Avni has met a dog named Munnu. Monkey adores riding him as if she would her mother.

Also, she has fallen in love with dog.

So beautiful!