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Nearly Euthanized Dog Refuses To Let Rescuer Go

Dogs are saved from the Southeast Asian meat trade thanks to Michael Chour, an animal rescuer, animal lover, and the founder of The Sound of Animals. In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on a visit to a slaughterhouse, this guy met Sanie, a 4-month-old dog who had fully won his heart.

Sanie was hiding behind a cage, terrified, as she observed the other dogs being killed one by one for their flesh. Sanie, who was also waiting for her turn, was shaken by the shouts of agony.

Sanie was one of three dogs that Michael attempted to save; however, the owner of the slaughterhouse only permitted him to take Sanie since the other two pups had already been sold.

Michael remarked:

“She was shivering and groaning. However, I made her sniff my palm before cautiously advancing toward her.”

Sanie was terrified when Michael touched her head because she believed her time was about to be sacrificed, but she gradually became less fearful as a result of Michael’s ability to convince her that she was now secure.

Michael remarked:

“I was still afraid as I emerged from the cage, staring at the butcher. However, she “pushed me and buried her head beneath mine.”

Sanie was reluctant to part with her saviour.

Michael remarked:

“She continued to give me hugs. She wouldn’t let go of me even after I tried to put her to death at the veterinary clinic.”

Sanie’s original family cannot be found, but Michael is ready to keep her safe until she finds a new home since he believes that Sanie was abducted from her home and sold to the butcher.