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This Borzoi And German Shepherd Mixed Dog Has A Very Long Neck

Every individual animal has their own unique traits. However, some are more pronounced and clear than others. Recently a video of a dog on TikTok has become viral. Why is it so special, you might ask? Well, his neck appears to be particularly long. Like, very long.

Turns out the dog that we’re speaking of is named Gatsby, who is a mix between a Borzoi, which in and of themselves look spindly, and a German shepherd, which are, in terms of dogs, relatively big, though not quite as big as Borzois. Male Borzois can grow from 75 up to 85 centimeters and can weigh from 34 to 47 kilograms. German shepherds, respectively, can stretch from 60 to 65 centimeters and weigh from 30 to 40 kilograms.

The owner has shared her side of the story with Bored Panda. “In 2019, I decided our family needed a new member. I stumbled across someone who had a litter of pups from a Borzoi father and German shepherd mother. They had a wonderful, unique look that I was immediately drawn to.

On August 19th, 2019, we took the 3-hour trip to meet the pups. First look at Gatsby, and I knew he was the right one, and the look he gave me, I knew he thought I was the right one.”

“We returned one month later when he was old enough to be adopted and brought him home. I wanted to teach him many things, and the bond between us has grown stronger than I could have imagined. Today we enjoy parkour, blood tracing, balance training, nose work, and just taking long walks together. I decided early to document our life together through videos on YouTube, regular Instagram postings, and recently took our life to TikTok. We have many adventures planned in the future and are expecting a new brother for Gatsby soon. Most folks claim that he has giraffe DNA in there somewhere, but in truth, it is most likely mythical creature DNA some have hinted at.”