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Blind Golden Retriever And Her Best Friend Guide Are Warming People’s Hearts

When Jake, a 2-year-old blind golden retriever, lost all of his sight, his closest buddy saved him. Life’s troubles not only put our skills to the test but also reveal who our genuine friends are.

Jake’s life would alter significantly as a result of his physical restrictions, but fortunately, Addie was eager to assist him in everything. Since that time, Jake’s loyal companion and guide has been the cute puppy in addition to being his best buddy.

When Jake was two years old, he started having health issues because he had a terrible eye ailment that stopped his eyes from producing tears.


They tried a variety of ophthalmologist-recommended drugs for a while, as well as various operations, but their eyes got worse over time.

The doctor soon informed his family that they had to decide whether to save Jake’s sight or his dog’s life.


According to Kim, the father of Jake:

Both possibilities appeared to be extremely harsh, particularly for a dog that had already seen so much.

However, many owners of blind dogs made the decision to get in touch with Jake’s family to share their amazing tales.


They were also informed that despite their blindness, dogs are remarkably adaptable and may still lead regular lives.

Kim also said

Additionally, our veterinarian informed us that a dog’s sense of sight really ranks third behind smell and hearing on their list of senses.


As a result of the evidence they had acquired, Jake’s family decided to remove his eyes and give him a second opportunity. Following the procedure, the veterinarian reported that Jake had awoken and had begun waving his tail at him, suggesting that his days of suffering had come to an end.