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They Record The Beautiful Visitor In Their Garden That Their Deceased Grandmother Promised To Send Them

Everyone who has a grandma or a family member who has passed away knows how tough it can be to cope with their loss, especially when it is recent.

There is nothing that can make the anguish go away, although some people strive to find as much consolation as they can.

This is what happened to Dorothy Booth’s family, a wonderful grandma from Virginia, in the United States, who died quietly at the age of 97, leaving a huge vacuum in the lives of those who knew her.

Due to Dorothy’s elderly age, her daughters Debbie and Jeanne had dared to make an unusual request months before the Lord summoned her to his presence:

“Hey, when you go to paradise, see if you can send us some kind of indication that you’re there and happy.”

“I’ll see what I can do!” said the old woman, who was aware that her departure may be soon.

Then his daughter and niece helped him out by saying, “Send a cardinal!” They informed her because the animal was Dorothy’s favorite.

What they didn’t realize was that the grandma was the most dependable keeper of her vows. And they witnessed a true miracle without even realizing it.

The family needed to be together in order to support one other through their sadness, and the day after the burial, they were playing cards in honor of the grandmother, since it was her favorite hobby. They were quickly startled when they heard a strange noise coming from the window.

“When my father-in-law came out, he noticed a cardinal.” Debbie’s daughter-in-law, Angela Patteson, stated, “He was sitting there absolutely attentive and peaceful, and he was able to reach out, pat him, and bring him home.”

Dorothy’s entire family felt as if every second with the bird was an answered prayer.

And, while what they were witnessing was already like a brief glimpse of heaven, they had yet to experience the true miracle.

They decided that the best thing to do was to let free the lovely red cardinal, so they placed it in Debbie’s hands and let it fly.

However, the free-spirited Cardinal was not prepared to forsake his family so easily.

He returned with the same zeal as soon as they let him go, perching on Debbie’s shoulder as if to console her in her distress.

Clearly, they were watching a once-in-a-lifetime event. Debbie was taken aback when she saw how the cute little animal returned to Debbie’s lap, as if he wanted to spend the rest of his life with them.

They managed to rest it on a branch from which it took flight after a good period, almost 10 minutes later.

This was clearly Grandma’s reaction to Debbie and Jeanne’s request. Although it may seem random to many people, it is not so for them.

«They were certain it was from God, and the fact that it had happened was immensely consoling. It has been really beneficial to my mother-in-law and her sister. Debbie’s daughter-in-law said, “This was clearly an answer to her prayers.”

Angela Patteson posted this astonishing event to her Facebook page, labeling it “the cardinal miracle,” and it has already received over 14 million views.

It’s a fantastic love miracle! :