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Orphaned Baby Beaver Can’t Even Control His Own Tail And It’s Just Too Cute

This wee baby beaver was found all alone on a golf course near Calgary, Canada by the rescuers at the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation. The orphaned beaver was far away from water and had his tail injured, which suggests that he might have been dropped by a predator.

Though his start at life was a rough one, now the cutie pie is enjoying his new home at the rescue center. He’s getting all the pool time and fresh willow and poplar boughs that he wants! The rescuers also feed him a beaver-specific formula to get him strong. The beaver will most likely stay with them for a couple of years until he’s ready to get back into the wild. In the meantime, the sweet baby keeps everyone happy with his adorable ways of being a beaver. Just look at how he can’t even control his own tail and keeps on splashing himself! SQUEEE!