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Blind Cat Was Neglected And Having A Tough Life Until Someone Decided To Give Her A Forever Home

Meet Moet, a lovely blind Persian cat.

She is stealing everyone’s hearts in social media and now she has definitely become an Internet sensation.

She used to be a neglected cat and later got rescued. Moet was found in an animal shelter in Oman by Emily Shotter.

Immediately, Shotter decided to adopt her and to give cat a forever home.

Moet used to live in a horrible “pet shop”. She was left in a cage without water and food.

Because of being neglected, cat got sick and later she lost her eyes. And… that’s so sad.

But now, fortunately Moet has a nice life and a lovely owner.

“Moet is a bit of a diva and a sassy girl. While she’s generally very sweet-natured, this blind cat hates to be bored and will squeak (not meow) for attention incessantly!” Emily the owner told Bored Panda.