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No Matter What, A Bear Joins A Jacuzzi To Enjoy A Delightful Hot Bath

For bears, the spring season means stretching their legs and relaxing, and what better way to do it than with a relaxing bath in a hot tub? The hot water, perhaps some salts, and the foam… oh, what a treat! Anyone can find paradise here.

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This is what Todd Trebony discovered while on vacation with his lovely wife Mason on the porch of his cabin in a woodland near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, United States.

The couple was taken aback when they saw a black bear reach their patio and get into the jacuzzi, just like Pedro did at his residence, to have a warm and comfortable bath and cool down. Todd seized his camera and recorded the incident without hesitation, and the video instantly went viral.

CREDIT: Humankind

“Unbelievable, there’s a wild black bear in the hot tub that’s heating up.” “He’s having a good time,” Mason Trebony shouts on the tape.

The heartwarming footage quickly spread over social media, where it was met with surprise and bewilderment by people. It has almost 1 million views as of right now.

CREDIT: Humankind

“The bear climbed the steps and into the jacuzzi without much thinking, where he sits contentedly, enjoying the sunset and the warm water,” Todd remarked.

And it is for this reason that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee is well-known among hikers and trout anglers. What makes this park even more notable is that it is a natural refuge that is home to over 1,500 plantigrades.

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These strange and amusing creatures frequently appear in human towns, approaching hikers in quest of food. In Mexico, for example, there have been several reports of bears migrating from the Cerro de Chipinque to live in Monterrey’s metropolitan districts.

The most publicized example was made public by a photograph that went viral, in which a woman seems to be taking a selfie with one of these specimens in July 2020. But now the bear in the jacuzzi is on top.

@humankind Bear takes a warming dip in couple’s jacuzzi #tennessee #gaitlinburg #blackbear #hottub ♬ original sound – Humankind

The Gatlinburg region is well-known for being home to Tennessee’s only ski resort. Winter lasts anywhere from 90 to 120 days. When the snow melts, however, the areas provide a variety of activities such as trail jogging, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, or simply a bear in a jacuzzi.

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