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Cat Is Glad When She Is Able To Get Assistance For Her Sole Purpose

Amanda, the founder of Kitten Rescue Life (in Oceanside, California), came across an internet article about a pregnant kitten that had been left at a shelter earlier this week. The tabby was in the process of childbirth and needed to be rescued as soon as possible.

“I woke up at 4 a.m. the next morning to drive the couple hours it would take to get to the shelter so because post was made late at night,” Amanda told Love Meow.

They found a small ball of hair nestled beneath the cat’s tummy when the shelter opened, indicating that a kitten had been delivered during the night. Mama was very protective of him, comforting him with purrs and licks and taking care of all of his needs.

Kitten Rescue Life

“We waited a few hours after I got her home for additional babies to arrive,” Amanda explained.

After a time, nothing occurred, so Amanda brought her to the doctor, who verified that there was another kitten trapped inside. The cat was immediately sent to the hospital for an emergency c-section. Due to a severe abnormality, the second baby did not survive, but the mother’s life was saved.

Kitten Rescue Life

The tabby cat jumped right back into her position as a mother after they returned her to her surviving kittens, feeding and grooming her little mini-me with unconditional affection.
Lasagna, the mother cat, and Meatball, the singleton, were given these names.

Kitten Rescue Life

“She’s a cautious and caring mother, yet she helps me hold her baby so I can weigh him and make sure he’s growing. She’s the most loving and caring mother I’ve ever rescued “Love Meow was informed by Amanda.

Mama Lasagna could finally relax after a difficult ordeal and make up ground on lost sleep. She purred happily in her cozy nest, safe in the knowledge that her youngster was nearby.

Kitten Rescue Life

Amanda has set up a nursing enclosure for the mother and son combo, which is wrapped in blankets. While her kitten is feeding, Mama Lasagna happily extends her paws.
Both lives were saved thanks to the rescue. The kitten has recovered from his health crisis and is prospering thanks to his mother’s constant attention.

Kitten Rescue Life

Mama Lasagna cheerfully welcomes Amanda whenever she enters the room and is eager to assist her.

In this charming video, you can see them:

She is relieved to know that someone would care after them both.

The young tabby guy is quickly gaining weight each day, and in two weeks, he will begin to crawl.

Kitten Rescue Life

“He’s practically an exact clone of his mother. They all have the same marks on their faces and legs “Amanda remarked.

“Mama Lasagna is a huge fan of him. With him, she’s really attentive and loving.”

Kitten Rescue Life

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